All prices are in Euro or US Dollars.
Prices do not include light bulbs, canopies, chains and shipping costs.

All pending lamps are supplied with an black rubber electrical wire, CE certified or UL Listed for the US, three conductors, with an standard length of 200cm (centimeter) / 6’ 6” in (inches).

Go to: cotton wires you can choose a different electrical wire, add a number off colored braided flex with your order for a Pendant lamp fixture. At the next step of the order process you are able to mark your request at the ‘remarks’ entry field.

Every fixture and every interior needs a different look and there are many different accessories available at: ceiling roses here you can find the best suitable ceiling rose, canopy, flex, or go to: parts to add steel-wire and other electrical accessories for all needs and styles.

Click here for a overview of all light-bulbs available