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Mapping #11 | € 1.950,00

Art.Nr. | AGPG-Mapping#11-ZV

Mapping #11

“Although the images suggest computer manipulation, collage, montage or nonphotographic processing, Mapping comprises pictures made with an ordinary camera after dark. While the shutter was open, the artist drew characteristic lines with a laser pen by hand on the rocks. The making of each image – the drawing of parallel lines on the mountain face – took about eight minutes. In some of the Mapping pictures, the time-lapse became visible when a slight rotation of the Earth during exposure made a star into a stripe”.

Oplage 2/11

Ultrachrome print opgeplakt op dibond met handgemaakte notenhoutenlijst en museumglas

Now on show at Prinsengracht Gallery Amsterdam

1000 mm / 3' 3"
750 mm / 2' 5"

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