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cable holder black alu. (5pcs.) | € 13,99

Art.Nr. | 940090-kabelhouders-zwart

set of 5 black aluminum cable holders for ceilings or walls
with plugs and screws

Create your own light show with these white cable holders. Run cables to places where you need the light in a stylish way or simply turn it into a work of art. These cable holders can be screwed to the ceiling or wall. You can easily clamp your light cord and expand the range of your central light point. The design of this cable holder is sleek and subtle. The Calex cable holders are available in 2 colors; black and white are packed per 5 pieces. plugs are included.

0.04 kg / 0.1 lb
25 mm / 1.0"
15 mm / 0.6"

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